Ouigo (France) "train removed" over a month in advance?

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Jan 23, 2012
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Got a bit of an oddball question:

Looking at Ouigo trains to Nantes in early March, and there's one frequency most weekdays that shows up but is not bookable. The Ouigo website says train removed, and other websites show similarly.

Any ideas as to why it's been removed, and is there any reasonable chance of it being un-removed? Seems odd to me to show it listed but cancelled so far in advance (instead of removing it entirely.)
Could you be a bit more specific about which trip/train exactly? :)

The specific one I'm looking to book is on 3/2, Nantes to Paris Montparnasse, leaving 18h36. There's an outbound from Paris a few hours earlier also cancelled (seems to be an out-and-back route) and I'm seeing it many weekdays starting 2/13. I could take the train classique but that takes two hours longer, so if there's a chance it'll be restored I'd like to wait and do so. If that's a misplaced hope, though, I'd like to buy the classique train or buy up to the regular INOUI TGV.

Ouigo 7623/7624 are indeed cancelled, and replaced by TGV 8879/8818 on these days, yup.
No chance to seem them "restored" (which honestly is good news for the passengers, given how uncomfortable the whole Ouigo experience is...).
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