Philadelphia to Washington 12/10/22

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Service Attendant
Dec 12, 2022
Waiting for Amtrak to clear
Old story, recorded for future reference. A quick up and down on the NEC from PHL to WAS and back. Day was cool and overcast, but not as bad as possible in mid-December. Eight passengers this run, four making their first AMTRAK trip. ShareFares is a favorite program of mine. Fares were a steal. SEPTA connection was close enough to punctual as to not be a concern. Train 152 departed PHL on time. Our coach was mostly empty for the entire run. There were some electrical issues in the Wilmington station, but they did not impede a slightly early arrival into WAS. The crew was professional and the train clean.

After a wonderful day out, return (Train 158) was delayed slightly on its way up from Norfolk, maybe 5 minutes, and was unable to kill the delay by the time it arrived PHL. A very nice ride up in the dark. Many went to pay a visit to the lounge upon departure. Others discovered the somniferous effect of the rocking of a train. From the lounge, there was a lovely view of Havre de Grace done up for Christmas. Crew notably was not taking up the entire car. I was very pleased. Arrival in PHL was slightly delayed. The real fun began when our SEPTA connection was considerably delayed due to fire hoses across the tracks. Nobody (except for me) seemed to mind. To them it was an adventure. We arrived just a little late. A good time was had by all, and some lifelong AMTRAK passengers were born. It was perhaps the best use of a grey December day.