Post gathering report

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Mar 14, 2008
Warren MI
Up at 8:45AM and checked out at 9am and walked to the bart station. I thought the announcer said the train was going to SF airport but it turns out it was the red line and bypasses the airport and goes right to millbrae. So stayed onboard and went back one station to switch to the yellow line to the airport. At the airport took the air train to terminal one and printed my boarding passes so it would be easier to check my bag and checked the one wheeled bag I had. Used my mobile boarding passes though for security and boarding. They had the metal detector closed so had to use the scanners. I didn't care 3 seconds and your out of the machine. Once through security I went in search of food. Expensive post security but still good. Went to this Greek restaurant they had and got a ham and Swiss with fries and a cup of clam chowder and a bottle of pop $20 and was filing and Delicious.

The flight was full so the gate agent was offering anyone willing to go on a later flight a $300 voucher and a refund of your one way fair if you took the later flight. We even had a Pilot from virgin airlines ride in the jumpseat in the cab.They were not kidding the flight was FULL everyseat was taken. since I was first to board I was able to get a window seat over the wings(my favorite spot) Flight departed on time. The one flight attendant in the blue shirt seamed like she was the friendliest and someone commented that she seamed to be by the book so I'm guessing she was the boss of the other flight attendants. I didn't have to deal with her though as i wasn't in her section of the plane(the work just like amtrak 1 attendant does the front half another does the back half)landed ontime In phx and found my gate for my connecting flight but finding a place to sit was another matter. The airport was busy in this section. After a couple planes landed I found a seat closer to my boarding section.

The flight was delayed in boarding and we departed about 20 minutes late. I was able to get the exit row without the seat in front of me this time as it was already taken on the flight from SFO to PHX.Once airborne the attendants took our drink orders and passed out ritz cheese crackers and 100 calorie snack packs. We ran into some turbulence a few times on the trip but nothing major. no worse then amtrak lol. Plane arrived ontime despite the late start. Once in the baggage claim area it took a few minutes before my bag appeared and I met my cab driver for the ride home. Made it home around 12:45AM. Now to get some sleep as I go back to work. At least it's a afternoon shift.