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Mar 16, 2008
Rochester, MN
GLBTQIA Members, wanna take a week long ride in a Private Rail Car??

I'd like to welcome you to the Amtrak Pride page. We just reserved 3 private cars for our Pride Ride coming up in May!
Please come and join our page and learn more about this! (When you join, be sure you answer the questions to join!)

And just to touch on this a bit we've organized it ourselves. It's Chicago - Emeryville - Los Angeles - Chicago on an 8 day adventure that includes food and drinks and your hotel on wheels (the PVs). Grand Total is $3,800 a person for the entire thing (cheaper than riding the Canadian during peak season). Join the group to learn more or reach out to myself or you can email us [email protected]
Update on Pride Ride availability as of 2/26. We still have plenty of room available in Salisbury Beach for those that have been on the fence about signing up! For those that have signed up please get your deposits in ASAP so we can guarantee your space. The earlier we're able to get everything assigned the easier it is for us and the car owners. Even if you're not able to attend the ride this year help us spread the word, the more space we fill up the more reasonable the rates will be!
Current Available Inventory:
  • 10 Open Sections (Upper or Lower)*
  • 3 Double Bedrooms (capacity of 2 per room)
  • 1 Drawing Room (capacity of 2-3)
*For the open sections we will sell the lowers first (the ones that have the windows) and they're quite spacious. They're like an Amtrak roomette just with a curtain instead of a door.

Please email us at [email protected] to sign up.
Prid Ride (1).jpg

Prices are in everyone!
Here are the official prices for Pride Ride 2023.
I’m pleased to announce we are offering specific segments for sale for ‌the more budget friendly minded as well as space for day trips! Our goal is to have 34 people onboard at all times (including overnight legs). If we are not able to get 34 we risk losing one of the cars due to costs.
Please let us know you’re planning on attending and also please send an email to [email protected]. In your email please include your name, segment you plan on riding, and if doing overnight legs your desired accommodation (NOTE THIS IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVED). A deposit will hold your desired accommodation and full payment will lock in your space. If traveling with a friend please also note that in your email as well so we can make sure you are assigned to the same room. Additionally, note that the drawing room in Colonial Crafts can sleep 3.
Please reach out to Jay Marking or Kevin Schillinger with any questions at [email protected]
We will start with the multi-night reservations first. These will be open through 3/17/23. After 3/17 we will open for day trip reservations to fill the remaining space.
Entire Round trip (CHI-EMY-LAX-CHI) - $3,800
Half Trip (CHI-EMY-LAX ) - $2,400
Half Trip (OKJ-LAX-CHI) - $2.400 FULL
Chicago - Emeryville - $2,000
Los Angeles - Chicago - $1,800
Day Trip Options (per person)*:
Chicago - Omaha - $299
Denver - Grand Junction - $174
Reno - Emeryville - $149
Oakland - Los Angeles - TBD**
Kansas City - Chicago - $274
*Note 1: Day trip reservations will be dependent on available space after multi-night reservations are taken
**Note 2: OKJ-LAX price will be dependent on space remaining after overnight reservations.
Please SHARE this with your friends, we love to get these cars full!
Pride Ride Inventory as of 3/16:
5 Double Bedrooms (Capacity 2)
8 Open Sections (Capacity 1)
Pricing (per person inclusive of food and drinks):
Full Trip (CHI-EMY-LAX-CHI) - $3,800
Half Trip (CHI-EMY-LAX or OKJ-LAX-CHI) - $2,400
Chicago to Emeryville - $2,000
Los Angeles to Chicago - $1,800

We've had people reach out saying the pricing is a bit steep. In comparison most private cars usually charge $5,000 a person one way for just one segment. Mainly this is to cover costs and still earn a profit. We are NOT doing this for a profit, we're just trying to cover the costs for the car rentals. We're doing this just for experience! Which right now if we don't have more sign-ups we will be forced to cut a car due to lack of demand which I'm hoping we don't have to resort to. Please folks consider this trip, we had lots of people responding to the poll back in February, but we've had no sign ups since the beginning of this month. We're trying our best to make this a success! Tell your friends even if you're not able to make it to help spread the word. We need at least 10 more round trip signs up to keep all 3 cars.
As always message us at [email protected] or find us on FB to sign up or if you have questions!
Pride Ride Update 4/6:

Day trips are now available! Sorry for the late posting, as we had to work around some pricing to get these last bits lined up. NOTE all day trip prices have changed due to the lack of demand for overnight space (empty rooms). Email us at [email protected] to sign up below, and we will send you the payment link upon signing up! All we need is your name, email, and how many people in your party.
We are now offering space for FIVE different day trip options for the Memorial Day Pride Ride!
For each trip, you have two options for accommodations.
DAY-TRIPPER (priced per person):
  • Full access to all lounge spaces and public restrooms in all 3 cars.
  • Food and Drink Included.
PRIVATE-ACCESS (priced per room):
  • Reserve a private room that can seat up to 3 people.
  • Private restroom
  • Food and Drink included.
Monday May 22nd - Chicago to Omaha

Tuesday May 23rd - Denver to Salt Lake City

Wednesday May 24th - Reno to Emeryville (San Francisco)

Friday May 26th - Oakland to Los Angeles

Monday May 29th - Kansas City to Chicago
The day has come y'all this will be the last post for a bit as we're getting these last few spaces filled. As of right now we have discounted all of the day trip segments and have the following pairings available.
Prices are all $316 flat:
-Chicago to Omaha - May 22nd (10 spots available)
-Denver to Salt Lake City - May 23rd (10 spots available)
-Reno to Emeryville - May 24th (9 spots available)
-Kansas City to Chicago - May 29th (10 spots available)