Refund Policy and E-vouchers

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Dec 9, 2011
I am confused on Amtrak's fare types. Maybe they purposely make it that way.

So if I buy a Value Fare, it says this about refunds:
  • Refunds: Full refund to original form of payment with no fees if canceled 15 days or more before departure. 25% fee charged if canceled less than 14 days before departure. Tickets on unreserved services incur 25% fee if canceled an hour or more after purchase.
  • No change fee
Can you still get an e-voucher for the total fare?

So another page on evouchers:
When you cancel or modify a paid reservation before the scheduled departure (and the modified fare is lower), any residual value that is non-refundable or cannot be immediately refunded will be automatically transferred to an eVoucher. Refundability, if any, is determined by the rules of the fare paid. Penalties for non-cancellation will apply.
So I read from that if I cancel and it is a non-refundable, it can be put into an e-voucher.

Am I correct?


Train Attendant
Jun 23, 2021
Yes, at least that's how it worked for my tickets so far. I have cancelled the lowest-fare tickets the day of and received an eVoucher for the full ticket value (it is considered a change even though you don't have to choose your new trip right away and you just apply the voucher at the booking of the next trip).

Just be aware that if you have multiple people on one booking, the main (first) passenger is the one that gets the eVoucher. So if you have a booking for 4 people, the full value is in your name if you are the main passenger, and you can apply it to a booking for yourself or with other passengers as you want as long as you are the main passenger again (the other passengers can be different people).