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Jan 3, 2022
Santa Rosa
For those who have, or for that matter those who haven't taken the Rocky Mountaineer, what would be your favorite tour? Vancouver to Jasper (Journey through the Clouds) or Vancouver to Banff (First Passage West)? From the viewpoint of scenery, many would chose Vancouver to Banff. Very scenic and Lake Louise along the way. However, with the run to Jasper, Mr. Robson, Pyramid Falls, and also some great mountain scenery might be favored. I have taken both, and it would be a close call, but I think my favorite would be the "Journey Through the Clouds", Vancouver to Jasper.
I wonder why the Mountaineer discontinued the connecting train from Seattle to Vancouver? I also have taken the "Whistler Mountaineer", Vancouver to Whistler, and that was fun. Unfortunately, that run has been dropped.
I’ve got a Calgary to Vancouver next month. The Calgary part is a bus to Banff, but still sounds fun. Pretty pricy though. I’ll report on how it goes.
Sounds like a great trip, ScottR. Yes, pricey but the RM packages do include hotel(s). Will you be staying overnight in Banff, or possibly Lake Louise?

I took the RM from Vancouver to Banff 3-4 years ago, in late May. It was snowing in Banff and 33 degrees outside! I wanted better weather for just walking around Banff and visiting the Banff Springs Hotel. My first visit to Banff was in the 1970's after hopping aboard the "Canadian" which still went to Banff via the CP route. Banff has grown considerably since then.
They do. The price includes a stay in Calgary, Banff, Kamloops and Vancouver at what look to be nice places (albeit not the Fairmonts…those are quite a bit extra). And a B,L on the train days.

And I hope to see some snow. Growing up in Texas a half inch of snow meant no school for the week so I still get excited about it

I’m looking forward to it. I’ve a cousin who lives in Calgary who said he could drive me to Vancouver in a long day but I respectfully declined😀
I would have to think the Seattle to Vancouver Cascade trains would be back by this summer. There used to be a Rocky Mountaineer train from Seattle to Vancouver, to hook up with RM trains out of Vancouver, but that one may never be coming back.

I think the Rocky Mountaineer excursion, to Quesnel, is now called "Rainforest to Gold Rush":
Vancouver to Whistler to Quesnel to Jasper. I took that route, on the Rocky Mountaineer, about 8-9 years ago. A really fun and scenic trip. The only complaint I had was the really early morning times for boarding the Mountaineer. Everyone was pretty tired by the end of the day.

I did enjoy the little town of Quesnel. The motel, where we stayed, was only 1-2 blocks from the town.
When walking around, we came upon a really great souvenir shop, probably the most interesting souvenir shop I've ever been in. It had all kinds of neat stuff, including railroad paraphernalia, books on Canadian history and the building of the CN and CPR, and a large selection of license plates for all the Canadian provinces and US states. I wish I could remember the name of the shop, but the name escapes me.