SEPTA - New Claymont, DE station coming in 2020

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"The new station, which will be built by 2020,"

Woah, slow down there, Delaware! Is four years enough time to build a commuter rail station?

[snark aside, it sounds like a considerable improvement over the current one.]
This station looks like it should be complete in the next year or so. However, I don't see ANYTHING being built around it. As of now, it is sitting on the outskirts of a giant dirt lot. Is there any update on the redevelopment of the former Citi Steel site?
Now, we're going to have always suspected that parking garage would go to waste. I didn't remember the current Claymont "overflowing" under most circumstances. Now, they want to turn the area into a warehouse/truck interchange, which will drive away housing on the land.

If this comes to fruition, neighbors are going to wish the steel plant was still there. :rolleyes: