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Jan 6, 2016
While trying to find rules on multi-ride tickets in Amtrak's Terms and Conditions, I found this Service Disruption Fare Protection clause:
Service Disruption Fare Protection
Under certain circumstances, Amtrak will protect the fares of passengers booked on trains affected by a service disruption who are reaccommodated onto another train, or who postpone travel to a later date. In many situations the customer can make the change through or the mobile app.

Accommodation Types Covered
The fare protection policy applies to changes that are within the same type of accommodation, but where the inventory class (bucket) has changed.
Exception: In the event of a service disruption on day of departure in the Northeast Corridor the following re-accommodation and fare protection to Acela is allowed pending space availability.
For any Acela departing the passenger’s origin station within 2 hours of the original trains departure:
  • passengers in coach class may travel in Acela Business class
  • passengers in business coach class may travel in Acela Business class
  • passengers in sleeper class may travel in Acela First class
Fare Protection When a Train is Late
If a train is late, and the passenger wants or needs to take another train, under certain circumstances the fare will be protected.
  • Corridor - 1 hour late: characterized by frequent or short distance service. This includes local travel within corridors on long distance trains where this is permitted.
  • Long distance - 2 hours late: all other routes, including all trains with sleeping car service.
Passenger Wants a Refund
If another train of the same type operates (Acela to Acela, Northeast Regional to Northeast Regional) before the late train, if the space is available, the passenger may take the earlier train.
If the passenger decides not to travel, the passenger may receive a refund, without fee or non-cancellation charge, if the train is late at the boarding station by more than the amount shown above.
Can someone translate this for me? Say one is traveling from Washington to New York booked on a Regional that starts in Virginia and CSX puts it in the hole and it's going to be an hour late, can the passenger take a train that originates in Washington scheduled to depart before the late train from Virginia is set to depart? How would the passenger go about doing that? And say one was booked on a long-distance train that was two or more hours late, could the passenger cancel without a fee?


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Apr 14, 2008
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Yes, you're reading that correctly.

In WAS you would go to the ticket counter, show them your ticket for your more-than-an-hour-late train and get one for a train leaving sooner. I'm not sure I would try messing about with it in the app the way they suggest.