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Jun 2, 2022
Washougal, Washington
Is there a place in Amtrak Unlimited for reporting equipment sightings? I am especially interested in hearing if Siemens Charger locomotives are operating on either trains 27/28 or 11/14. Thanks -

NRPC 518 and NRPC 517 at Vancouver WA 5-26-2019.jpg
If you're on Facebook, there's an Empire Builder group where sightings are posted. The Coast Starlight doesn't have the new engines yet. The City of New Orleans (CONO) is the next route to get them. Train and maintenance crews on the CONO route are currently being trained/acclimated on the Chargers.
You can view #7 and #8 in Skykomish on the Virtual Railfan Camera and see for yourself. As for 27/28, I don't know.
BTW, this morning's #7 had AMTK300 in the lead at 07:47:24 PDT.
Virtual Railfan also has a camera in Chehalis where you can catch the Coast Starlight (also on Youtube).
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