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Jan 23, 2023
Above the Rails
Sunset Schedule update effective 1/23/23. In order to reduce congestion in the Tucson, AZ area the Sunset's schedule has been re-timed between Tucson and El Paso. Fueling and daily inspection will now take place at UP's Santa Teresa Fueling Facility for both Trains 1 and 2 just west of El Paso. The Tucson stop has been shortened to 20 minutes strictly for passengers and baggage. 45 mins have been added to the schedule between El Paso and Deming to account for this change. There are no changes to the schedule between Los Angeles and Tucson or from El Paso to New Orleans. Only the intermediate stops at Benson, Lordsburg, and Deming are affected.

This has been in the works for awhile and pre-dates the STB filing over on-time performance.
#1 leaves stops between SAS-ELP 3 minutes later under the new schedule.
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