Sunset RT Maricopa to New Orleans

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Jun 19, 2021
Mesa AZ
Maricopa Station and parking clean but no service. Staff were very helpful. Train arrived from LA one hour late. We were in the sleeper and staff were very helpful getting on board. The ride was great but a little rougher than some of the other routes. Food and service in the dinner was excellent. One problem, the toilets in the sleeper quit. They added another sleeper in San Antonio and we all moved to the new car next morning. Both cars where redocorated, new leather like coverings that are not comforable as the older ones. Arrived New Orleans on time.
After four days checking out the French Quarter boarded for the return to Maricopa. Interesting while the menues are the same the different cooks prepared everything sighly different. Again a very rough ride but othwise everything when well, no delays. Arrived on time and the car was safe with all the wheels still on it..