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I live in the country. Everywhere I go is a "drive in the country. I have lived here for most of my life. For many years I worked where I had to drive an hour and a half drive each way every day. Also, I used to deliver a free paper once a month for a number of years where I drove 1500+ miles in 3½ days. So, driving is not as relaxing to me as it once was.

I never really enjoyed driving a stick even though I was quite proficient at it. I'll take the automatic over a stick whenever possible.

On Amtrak, I can just sit back and enjoy and even close my eyes if I so desire.
I think my enjoyment, in general, of cars, and driving them, would go up if it wasn’t forced upon us.

Objectively speaking, cars are hella awesome. There’s no denying that driving a super nice German or Italian car (or in this case, a Tesla or electric equivalent) when it is a true choice, and when it’s actually convenient, is great.

But that isn’t really what it is here - especially if you have to live in a rather urban area.
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I never really enjoyed driving a stick even though I was quite proficient at it. I'll take the automatic over a stick whenever possible.
Several of the cars I have owned have been manuals which I enjoyed driving. Once you get out on the highway in 4th gear it doesn't really matter. The only time manuals can be a bit of a pain is in stop and go traffic. Although admittedly I have gotten lazy in my old age and have bought automatics.
My approach to the driving question is mostly utilitarian but also a personal choice. No plans to ever drive anything other than a small, fuel efficient gas powered car. 25 mpg in town easily, and 40-42 on the highway. I don't tell others what to do, I simply will never buy anything related to Musk and so far, other electric options aren't practical/too expensive anyway. Ethical and practical concerns with those batteries too. If bad weather is forecast the first thing I do is top off the car, basically for peace of mind. Working from home more than half the time, most days my car doesn't leave the garage. It isn't automatic to need the car to run errands, either, as I use buses or walk whenever feasible. This includes getting to the airport or train station. And I tend to keep cars a long time, at least 10 years. This winter has been worse than usual as there were times recently, no choice to go out in some really messy weather, and have some lingering concerns about undercarriage corrosion as a result. Something for the mechanics to look at for next visit. It's definitely a fact of driving life in Michigan, along with potholes. Interestingly, I notice a major shift among young people today, while my generation was weaned from an early age that driving and getting a vehicle were major milestones of adulthood, hearing more now that the availability of public transportation is a higher priority for this demographic. I don't recall a single conversation from the 70s that included a desire for more bus service! My adult kids don't own cars yet, although I would like them to in the future. Perhaps by that time one of the hybrid models will be a more appealing option, we will see. It may depend on where their careers end up taking them.
I've been driving/riding all kind of vehicles- pick-up, 1972 VW Bug with stick, adventure motorcycle, ag equipments (loaders, articulated dump truck, telehandler w/ 4 way steering/snake mode, tractors with wide implements, tractors with heavy trailers, etc.) and commercial vehicles. Since I live in rural area, it's way more less stressful than driving in a large urban areas where cars are competing each other on the road. If I have all choices of transportation for relaxation, I would choose train! Unfortunately, the nearest station is 3 1/2 hours away.

I rarely drive my own vehicle because my house is across the street from where I work. Even though I do require errands for work, I use company vehicle.
I love the fact that I can jump in the car and go where I want at any time. Weather is not much of a factor where I live. I don’t own a Hybrid or other battery powered type vehicles. Although the price of fuel here makes me wish I did. My wife drives a Scion X box that is bullet proof as far as maintenance goes, but does not get good mileage, less than 20 MPG in town and my diesel powered van gets way less at up to $ 7.00 a gallon in recent times. So, that is the downside. I usually ride a motorcycle to work which I enjoy. Battery powered bicycles are really popular here, what bothers me is they are way to big & fast to ride on sidewalks. People do though, and too slow to keep up with traffic. Lastly, for what it matter’s, Teslas are really popular here. I’m amazed at how many I see.