The Wyoming Detour / CHI-SLC Aug 20-21

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OBS Chief
Aug 5, 2003
I had a vacation week so I decided to play the odds and see if I could finally catch a ride on the Zephyr as it detoured through Wyoming. Luck was on my side, as just hours before the train departed, the detour was confirmed. I had a roomette #8 in the 0532 car. The two sleepers ended up being mostly full until SLC, which is where I decided to get off. The food was okay for what it was, as was the service. On time out of CHI, on time out of DEN, and we arrived in SLC almost two hours earlier than what we would have, if we went through Colorado. All in all, a fantastic experience, getting the rare mileage in on a beautiful day. The Wyoming route is very unique, and I’d probably do it again if given the chance.

Here are some pictures (Denver to Ogden shown) from a line that hasn’t seen scheduled passenger service since the days of the Pioneer.
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