This is absolutely fabulous - Downie Live comes through again!

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Yeah I watched it when he released it and it was nice to get to see a tour of the inside of some of these private cars. It would be awesome if other private car owners would let more creators like him give a tour of the cars they own.
shame there is 2 more shells of those cars but they'd need a full rebuild to get back into service.
those plus super domes together look beautiful and show off all angles
Of course, these have been souped up to varying degrees, but they're also a reminder that regular passengers once enjoyed the domes and observation cars. Even as a lowly coach passenger I was able to dine in UP dome dining cars and enjoy domes on the SP&S, NP, GN, CB&Q, and CP. Domes were sales stimulators - the UP arranged to have Train 106 spotted each day in Portland Union Station with a dome car viewed across the tracks from the station's farewell windows.

The Milwaukee Road cars remind me of my dad's favorite ride on the Olympian Hiawatha, pulled backwards from Tacoma to Seattle. Riding in the Skytop Lounge and watching the electric locomotive and the catenary was a unique experience. On that lightly traveled segment there was a chance to chat with the brakeman. Almost like the ads...

1960 09 25 Milw smoke  001.jpg