TriRail considering extension to Veteran's Hospital in Riviera Beach

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Aug 24, 2003
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RIVIERA BEACH — Tri-Rail is taking another look at having its trains travel westward from its Mangonia Park station to the VA Medical Center, one of the Palm Beach County's largest employers. The line would serve employees as well as the thousands of veterans who receive services at the VA hospital every year.

David Dech, executive director of the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, the agency that operates Tri-Rail, said the authority is assessing the costs of having its trains travel the 3 miles from the Mangonia Park station to the VA complex in Riviera Beach.
For those not familiar how close could a Tri Rail platform come to the closest VA entrance?
I don't know where exactly the entrances are located, but if there is one in the rear of the building then it is less than 1000' to 2000' depending on how the walkway is routed, provided a walkway is built across SR710 Bee Line Highway. Otherwise it is not a walkable distance. But I presume that if the raison d'etre of the station is to access the hospital then appropriate walkways will be built.