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Jul 3, 2012
This summer I am looking to fly from Ireland to Newark, New Jersey. There would be a layover in Charlotte before I reached Newark. My ultimate destination is to reach Connecticut. My possible flight gets in after 4 PM. I can either take Amtrak directly from the airport to Connecticut or I can spend the night in Newark and catch a train the following day. Say my flight to Newark was late and I missed my pre-scheduled train. Will I be able to use my ticket on the next available train? Would it be safest to spend the night in Newark and leave the next day?

Also, there is a stipulation about using the Newark Airport monorail: Do I just show them the printed receipt from buying the ticket online?


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May 26, 2011
You will clear US customs at Charlotte, then reboard (and recheck your bags?) just outside the customs area for your connecting or continuing flight to Newark. If the Newark arrival is scheduled for 4 PM, I would personally not attempt to book travel on an Amtrak train departing Newark for Connecticut any earlier than 7 PM.

Planning to overnight at a hotel near the Newark airport would be the safest option, as flight schedules anywhere along the East Coast can be disrupted in the summer by thunderstorms.


The last train to New Haven from EWR (at least on the random day that I looked) leaves at 6:56pm. I'd say you're pretty safe on that one, although, of course, there's never any guarantee a flight won't be late. If you're really risk-averse either book a hotel or count on taking a train/bus to New York from EWR, then taking Metro-North commuter rail from Grand Central Station in New York to New Haven. But I think you're probably fine.

You could also book the 6:06pm Amtrak departure and make it pretty easily, assuming no flight is delayed. If you missed it though, you might have to exchange your ticket and pay a higher fare to catch the later train. Since it's only a 50 minute difference, I might just book the later 6:56pm train, to avoid risking the hassle.

Yes, you can just show the people at the monorail gate your printed ticket.


Nov 17, 2011
South Bend
Showing an iPhone screen for an eTicket is acceptable too.

You'd have to rebook your Amtrak ticket and most likely pay a higher bucket day-of fare if your flight is delayed, all Amtrak trains are fully reserved. In terms of back-up plans, yes the last train to stop at Newark Airport is at 6:22. Are you by chance going somewhere along the inland route between New Haven and Springfield? If that's the case their aren't any back-up trains (unless your arriving on a Friday)

If your going to New Haven, Bridgeport or Stamford, you have an easy back-up plan. Simply take an New Jersey Transit Train to Penn Station walk/subway/taxi across midtown to Grand Central (1 Mile) or take the Olympia Trails bus outside your terminal (NOT from the EWR train station) that takes you directly to Grand Central ($15) and from Grand Central catch a Metro-North Railroad New Haven Line Train up to Connecticut, their unreserved, simply buy a ticket from a TVM or ticket office in Grand Central and run at least hourly but usually more frequently with the last train leaving GCT at 1:47am.