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Jun 13, 2019
We see a lot of bootleg Amtrak items being sold and the team at Amtrak is great at approving new items. What should we make next? What do you wish existed?
I love the plush engine, more engines, and more cars! Small things that you can get in the cafe cars: magnets, keychains, etc for whichever train you're on.
I second this one-- I loooove the prints and would love to have a patch to get and sew onto my backpack for each long distance train we complete.
Here are some railroad logo patches available from Schrader: You can iron them on or, I assume, you can also sew them on.

They don't offer patches for a specific Amtrak long distance train, just an Amtrak patch. I like the idea of a patch for the different Amtrak trains. An idea for the Amtrak store.
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Amtrak used to have some small pillows that were used in coach. It would be nice to have some small pillows like that for each train with the logo of that train on it. Of course, there could also be some with the Amtrak logo.