When will Keystones resume?

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Green Maned Lion

Dec 27, 2007
Unfortunately, that is the truth. Berks, Northampton, Lebanon, and Luzerne counties in PA saw an explosion of cases in early April. This is because of the counties lying on the I-78 corridor; in the case of Luzerne, the I-80 corridor. Many people now living in Reading (a city of 90,000 people) are from NYC and travel constantly between the two cities. I live in Lebanon, and have seen many NY license plates in the city.
You're correct. A lot of people residing in Reading are from New York as a result of Boscov's rather outsized impact on the garment industry, and a lot of former NYC garment people moving out there for various reasons, including employment, and that also results in a lot of travel to NY as a result of the same phenomenon. It is truly remarkable, if you follow the department store industry, how the #4 department store in Reading became the largest family owned department store chain in the United States. But anyway.
Dec 16, 2018
Governor Wolfe announced yesterday that Keystone service will resume Harrisburg-Philadelphia June 1st. As per Amtrak, masks are required.


Lead Service Attendant
Jun 5, 2012
Hallelujah! Bad news is I’m having surgery on June 9 and will be out of commission until early July. If Disney World opens just its hotels in July, I might take a trip irregardless!