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    The Other Moffat Tunnel

    What a wonderful story. I'll think of her as I ride through the tunnel on Thursday.
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    Coast Starlight - Klamath Falls & Willamette Forest

    Beautiful pictures
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    Current Washington Budget Situation and Amtrak

    How will the coming shut down affect Amtrak services?
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    Video of My Cross Country Train Trip!

    Thanks for a great video.
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    Short report on a short trip

    Traveled from Chicago to Omaha on the CZ last Sunday. It was my first trip in the transdorm roomette. I found the roomette to be the nicest one I have ever had. It was much less shopworn than any other room. I enjoyed all the horn blowing at the many crossings. The PA announcements were as...
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    Departure time for CZ Tuesday 7/28 from Chicago

    I just received an email advising that the Sunday CZ will depart Chicago at noon. Does anyone know if they will serve lunch?
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    Thanks for all the responses. One other question, will the PA announcements be broadcast to the transdorm car?
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    I am looking forward to my first trip in the transdorm. It will be short unless there are big delays. I'm getting on in Chicago and off in Omaha. The only assistance I will need is getting the bed put together. I need to be able to lie flat for most of the trip.
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    overweight wheelchair

    Have a great trip.
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    I love the horn so that won't bother me.
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    Thanks. This will be my first time in the transdorm. I'm looking forward to a new experience. I guess it will be a long walk to the dining car but exercise is good.
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    CZ#5 Transdorm

    I have a reservation for roomette 22 in car 0540 leaving Chicago next week. Can anyone tell me if this will be at the front of the train before the coach cars?
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    CZ Service Disruption (6/25) and more delays

    What does the abbreviation CT stand for?
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    CZ Service Disruption (6/25) and more delays

    I just received a similar revised ticket for #6 out of Omaha on July 22. Since the train is averaging almost 4 hours delay into Omaha I wonder why they only changed it 1 hour.
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    Toledo to LA and back..the long way

    Thanks for the great trip report.