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    Southwest Chief bedroom window

    Does the upper bed in a bedroom have window?
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    Changing tickets (sold out train)

    2 Amtrak agents told me because the train was sold out my boarding station could not be modified which seems crazy to me.
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    Changing tickets (sold out train)

    I have 2 tickets and a bedroom for a trip from Albuquerque-Chicago I want to get on the train in Lamy which is one stop closer to Chicago and the Amtrak rep said because the train is sold out, I can't make the change. What can I do?
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    DC Departure Board

    Can I see the DC Union Station track assignments online as I can do for NY Penn Station?
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    Southern Tier On Track For Passenger Rail Service (VIDEO)

    There is already tracks from Binghamton to Port Jervis which is the northern termination of existing commuter trains. Why not route it that way?
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    Boston - Pittsburgh

    I agree. Do the Acela to NY, especially if you haven't been on it before, and the PA train. Or you might stay on the Acela through to Philly and then get on the Pennsylvanian. Business Class all the way!
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    Meadowlands Trains

    Where can I find a map showing the trackage after the new tunnels are open?
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    Meadowlands Trains

    I don't know of any loop tracks that connected the NYC bound tracks at Secacus to the Bergen & Main tracks.