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  • I noticed your post about using oxygen on your trip. My wife is on 2lts. She has a portable unit. It's a simply go pulse unit good for about 8-9 hours. How are you handling long distance travel ?
    There are outlets at each seat and with a portable unit, she should be able to charge the battery. She'll need to maybe just stay seated to preserve her energy while it is charging. This might be a duplicate reply because I did answer your question earlier, but I'm not sure if it went through.
    Thanks,We have the train part down. Just wandering about off train and overnight. Her unit is not for sleeping. She can use it while sleeping, but it is a hassel. Her unit has about 8-9 hours battery life and will run for days on end. Just afraid to try a trip because of Amtraks OTP and connection problems. Thank you again.
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    Thanks for posting. I've just started using Amtrak this past summer,to visit a friend whom has chronic fatigue Immune disfunction like I do. I travel from Johnstown,Pa to Harrisburg,Pa and usually stay a week ,before I return home. The first 3 trips were very were nice and clean and attendants were nice and offered help. However, on my way back home from the Harrisburg,Pa station to Johnstown PA..on Sunday Aug.14th from around 3pm to 6pm..even before I boarded the train,my fr...
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