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    Texas Eagle Consists

    Wonder what they are doing with the departing passengers?
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    Amtrak's Timetables Now Showing the Days of the Week They Operate

    I tried to check scheduling departing on a valid date, but kept getting invalid date, then said error, reboot my browser. I was trying to go AUS to WAS which should have worked going. On line is just too hard to work with. Wanted to get my friend to visit who will not fly, but if this...
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    Question about truncation of Sunset Limited

    Without a major investment to upgrade the tracks from Mobile to Jacksonville, the best we will see will be regional service NOL-MOB. With money everywhere tight right now and with Amtrak doing 3x weekly, direct service NOL-JAX is only a distant dream.
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    Amendment to CR blocking furloughs and thrice weekly long distance trains

    Question? Are the Host railroads under any obligation to give Amtrak back the slots they gave up going to 3x week if daily service is restarted. Back many months, I read that one host said what ever slots Amtrak might give up would never be returned without a major use charge increase. Has...
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    Long distance trains now sold out, NEC still burning cash..

    Amtrak had an opportunity with the Sleeping Cars to market a safe way to travel LD during COVID, but Amtrak decided to do the reverse. If so not market your product there will not be any revenue. Now, traveling coast to coast is next to impossible to schedule, what is there to market?
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    Texas Eagle Consists

    Impossible to carry in three days the number of passengers traveling many of 7 day weeks. By decimating the revenue flow, how can Amtrak do anything but shut down in 2021? The number of seats and rooms for sale seems to be reduced regularly. The experience has been changed from a trip you...
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    Texas Eagle #21/#421( 10/04)Delay in Texas

    If Amtrak is providing buses, then their mask requirement to board should apply to the bus. I seriously doubt there is anyone from Amtrak who wants to enforce the mask rule on the buses. They want to use as few buses as possible, so masks and distancing go out the window.
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    21 TE issue last night?

    I just checked the Denny’s web page, the 903 East Commerce location in San Antonio is back to 24/7. The Denny’s is approximately 1/2 mile walk from the station. Lots of folks have taken the middle of the night pause to get breakfast or a sandwich, stretch ones legs.
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    Amendment to CR blocking furloughs and thrice weekly long distance trains

    It appears those in Congress have very little skin in the game when it comes to Amtrak. Some really want Amtrak to survive but are distracted right now with other crisis. I sincerely doubt Amtrak Management is actively lobbying to keep the company fully functioning with daily LD trains. I...
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    21 TE issue last night?

    By reducing capacity, this makes travel on Amtrak even more difficult. The TE will show small ridership compared to previous years, excellent opportunity next year or 2022 to propose discontinuance for lack of passengers. The slippery slope is getting steeper and steeper.
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    Amendment to CR blocking furloughs and thrice weekly long distance trains

    Will the Senate consider the CR with members out sick with Covid? Members can monitor discussion at home getting over Covid, but they have to vote in person. If a vote is done without the missing Senators, how will/will not change the bill?
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    21 TE issue last night?

    Actually, the 21/421 use the same consist everyday. Three days, the only sleeper and the rear coach are switched to the rear of the SL, and vice versa with 22/422.
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    Huge ridership killer in reservation system for 3x weekly service

    I found if I use a pad with the departure days and arrival days of all the trains carefully blocked out, I can now work to plan a loop trip. Some same day connections are possible, like the SL west to LA connect to CS north. Connecting through Chicago is problematic without a overnight stay...
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    Multi-City Booking Tool not working September '20

    I think the only reliable way to book now is by calling Amtrak. I tried to use the web site, but it try’s to discourage you from traveling Amtrak. You need a pad of paparazzi, a calendar, so you can calculate when trains arrive and depart since the web site will not help you. Amtrak will be...
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    Huge ridership killer in reservation system for 3x weekly service

    I fear that too many in Congress are so distracted with so many crisis popping up almost weekly. Amtrak isn’t important to them with Covid, riots, elections, Supreme Court, etc.