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    (That was supposed to include a smiley face. LOL)
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    LSL east bound or west bound?

    Couldn't agree more. Westbound.
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    Great 98 Trip

    I'm on 98, which has been sailing along smoothly. We are over 30 minutes ahead of schedule heading in to Philadelphia. Leo has been our Sleeper Car Attendant, and as usual he has been wonderful. He tells me he will be retiring in a couple of years. I hope everyone traveling today has as smooth...
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    BOS or BBY Boston stations

    No grilled cheese! Say it isn't so. (Oh well, at least the Patriots won the Super Bowl.). Lol
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    BOS or BBY Boston stations

    South Station is a beautiful station. Back Bay ... not so much! Enjoy the lovely South Station station.
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    Dining car limits?

    Oh my goodness. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? I'm just glad folks had a great time in their first sleeper experience.
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    Your funniest Amtrak story?

    My wife and I found this amusing. Some years ago we were on the Autotrain, enjoying our dining car and lounge car conversations with lots of interesting people -- educators, lawyers, doctors, postal workers, etc., etc. It turns out we were coming into the Sanford station just in time for...
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    Wi-Fi on Eastern LD Trains

    Took the Meteor from Orlando to NYC last month. WiFi was available most of the way (slow). But I was enjoying the scenario and fellow riders ... and enjoying being freed from my iPhone, iPad, and laptop!
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    Washington Union Station delays (2/24/16)

    Good point, though we were informed "no trains are leaving Union Station." I suspect you are correct that only northbound trains were effected.
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    Washington Union Station delays (2/24/16)

    Just notified that trains will now start departing Union Sta. Turned out to be a minor delay.
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    Washington Union Station delays (2/24/16)

    "Unspecifire" ... I like it!
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    Washington Union Station delays (2/24/16)

    Sitting on 98 in DC, and just notified that no trains are leaving Union Station due to an unspecified fire some 20 minutes north. No word on how long the delay will be.
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    97(14) Service Disruption

    Not a good day for the Silvers. But that was some ​very atypical cold weather!