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  • I can't, honestly. My mom is ill, and so I'm scared sh-- for her, as well as Amtrak, and many other things. But I always am glad that you respond to my posts, even if don't agree I can handle that. You're my counterpoint that helps give me reason to keep going. Thanks, -Robert (NE933)
    I did google that, and read a transcript for something I had no idea what it is (a movie? a video game? lol) and there was a reference to Ed Emberley :) "MIKE: So this is, uh, you know, we learned to draw the Ed Emberley way. " then it has an explanation at the bottom of that section for who that is. Silly trivia!
    No, it's a Strong Bad drawing from Homestar Runner. You can Google it and see what I'm talking about.
    It doesn't mean anything. I was just seeing if would allow me to choose September 31 as a date. It did.

    "All your base are belong to us" is an old quote that first appeared in a video game a long time ago. The phrase was just a poor translation into English, but became infamous over time. I had to shorten "are" to "r" because of a lack of space on the ticker.
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