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  1. n3rdg1rl

    Crescent discussion

    I was looking to do a trip with my sister in February/March from WIL to NOL and that seems to work fine. Then I was looking for more information for her since it would be her first time on an LD train and she likes knowing about what to expect, where we will be, etc. On the Crescent page on...
  2. J

    Work around for chronically late northbound Crescent at ATL

    With the frequent late departure of 20 from ATL, the modest waiting area at the station, the late night scheduled departure, free time in retirement and a general love of any train trip, my wife and I have booked the following itinerary this summer: 19 ATL-BHM 9:08a-12:45p 20 BHM-NYP...
  3. V

    Crescent Pricing

    Hello friends, my name is Vic, I'm new to this forum but not new to riding Amtrak. I'm looking for some good advice, so anything you can add would be appreciated. We are looking to take a group of scouts from ATL-BHM on the Crescent, February 18, 2022. Since group reservations require payment...
  4. JCTakoma

    Crescent WAS BHM 2021 03 12

    Looks like they’re selling about half the train in coach, and maybe only half in the sleepers — two cars but I only see one attendant. We’re in a roomette. I checked online just before departure, listed as 50% full but sold out. Preordered meals a week ago but that didn’t seem to matter...
  5. Thirdrail7

    Long Distance Trains That Carry Local Travel on the NEC

    I attempted to find a thread to update regarding this subject but couldn't find a suitable one. Therefore, I figured that since this is a work in progress, we can just update this thread until something better comes along. I'm not including the Vermonter is this discussion. The NEC is quite...
  6. M

    2014 30 Day Rail Pass Trip

    This happened almost five years ago, but I thought that I should share the details of this trip: in part because I have been writing too many non-Amtrak things on this Amtrak forum! So, back in the summer of 2014, my life was kind of stuck in a rut for reasons I won't bore you with, and my...