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  1. Jsandrews1

    Empire Builder discussion 2023 Q4 - 2024

    MODERATOR NOTE: From October 1, 2023 forward, please post comments discussing the Empire Builder here. For previous posts regarding the Empire Builder, please refer to this thread, which is currently locked: https://www.amtraktrains.com/threads/empire-builder-discussion.82448/page-15...
  2. E

    Empire Builder discussion

    I have searched but haven't been able to come up with answers to the following questions. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you. 1. Is there an Amtrak baggage check at King Street Station in Seattle where one could leave bags for five or six hours prior to departure of the Empire Builder...
  3. D

    New Member from Texas

    I just recently found this board through the Amtrak Fans Group on Facebook. I've taken a number of long distance trips on Amtrak with my wife. We've taken the Sunset Limited between San Antonio and Los Angeles a few times, and used the Pacific Surfliner to get down to Oceanside. Last year...
  4. C

    Hello from Small Town, Alberta, Canada

    Hello train travel enthusiasts. I’m a 45 year old woman from Alberta, Canada that has traveled a fair bit, by my account, on Via Rail across Canada. I’ve traveled on Amtrak once in my teens to Florida from West Virginia, on an auto train, with my family. That’s a story for another time...
  5. P

    Thruway connection from Empire Builder in Portland

    I'm quite new to riding Amtrak trains (only been in them a handful of times going to/from Chicago - which I loved) I'm planning a long trip from Southern Illinois to Corvallis, Oregon. Riding the Empire Builder from Chicago to Portland seems simple enough, but I'm very confused about shuttle...
  6. coalman

    Pacific Surfliner website (https://www.pacificsurfliner.com/)

    I saw this website that did not look to be under Amtrak. It offered a better discount for the Pac Surfliner too. Is there a website like this for other routes like Coast Starlight, Empire builder, etc. ?
  7. Willbridge

    Station upgrades - Grand Forks

    https://knoxradio.com/2021/11/16/amtrak-investments-roll-into-grand-forks/ I remember Grand Forks as: 1) Where the local restaurant delivered freshly made box lunches to the NP Winnipeg train (ordered in advance through the conductor), 2) and where the Border Patrol woke us up on Amtrak's...
  8. M

    Empire Builder stops and times

    We will be riding the Empire Builder out of Chicago. When we did this before, a few years ago, I found a site that listed all the stops and their approximate arrival times and length of stay. I can't find it this time. Can someone help? Also, any information about the immediate area around the...
  9. D

    Wildfires near the Empire Builder?

    I was looking at wildfire maps to plan a trip from OR to SK and I saw that there are fires NE of Sand Point that must be fairly near the Empire Builder/BNSF tracks. Specifically the South Yak and Ruby fires. Am I reading that right? InciWeb the Incident Information System (nwcg.gov)
  10. Q

    Problems with group booking

    I am working on a group booking that I had canceled from 2020 trip wanting to reschedule for 2021. Everyone on my trip has been most patient and I simply wanted to duplicate the trip for 2021. I called exactly 11 months from the day of departure. My group agent was most kind and got me all...
  11. coalman

    Empire Builder Operational Questions

    Hello! I travel on EB next week Portland, Or. to Erie, Pa. Very thankful for this forum answering lots of my ?s but I have a few more mostly curious operational questions. 1. Does each train have an ID sub unit number? There must be at least 3 trains at any one time going East to West. They all...
  12. Ed Niblock

    All Aboard! Amtrak's Empire Builder | Seattle to Essex MT

  13. K

    Traveling from Chicago to Whitefish, coach with kids

    Hi all. We just realized (2 days before our trip) that we didn't actually book the sleeper car as we had though and that we are, in fact, traveling overnight in coach class on the Empire Builder. I guess we don't know how to read the booking site :/ So bummed:( Anyway, now that we know this...
  14. M

    2014 30 Day Rail Pass Trip

    This happened almost five years ago, but I thought that I should share the details of this trip: in part because I have been writing too many non-Amtrak things on this Amtrak forum! So, back in the summer of 2014, my life was kind of stuck in a rut for reasons I won't bore you with, and my...
  15. C

    Empire Builder - the onboard magazine

    In going through some old Amtrak material from previous travels I came across a copy of a fall/winter 2008 Empire Builder Magazine that I saved from trip on that train. It was published by a Montana-based magazine publisher in conjunction with Amtrak. So, in addition to the reading material I...