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  1. B

    Catching the Sunset Limited from the Coast Starlight

    In March of 2024 I plan to travel from Seattle, WA (SEA) to El Paso, TX (ELP), on the Coast Starlight and Sunset Limited. The layover at LAX between the scheduled arrival from Seattle and the scheduled departure for El Paso is a mere 49 minutes. For those who don't already see where I'm going...
  2. D

    New Member from Texas

    I just recently found this board through the Amtrak Fans Group on Facebook. I've taken a number of long distance trips on Amtrak with my wife. We've taken the Sunset Limited between San Antonio and Los Angeles a few times, and used the Pacific Surfliner to get down to Oceanside. Last year...
  3. Willbridge

    Wild price variations - Amtrak Coach vs Bus

    Studying alternatives can really pay off. Greyhound has a commission agent in Deming, so passengers can check baggage and buy tickets with cash, ask for assistance, etc. Buses depart twice daily in each direction on the COVID schedule. Minimum fares from Deming, NM as of 19 March 2021 On...
  4. fillyjonk

    Just curious (SL/TE 3/15) Bustitution?

    I am correct, am I not, in that the "continuation" Texas Eagle that runs from LA three days a week (the one that becomes 22) is also Sunset Limited? (2, I think?) I'm wondering: did they pull the "continuation" passengers off at some point and bus them to San Antonio? I was watching the...