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Dakota 400

Mar 5, 2014
Yall will have a chance to Vote him out next time hes up for Re-election!
Which will be 2022. But, given how 'Red" Ohio has become and no Democrat is very prominent to challenge him, I am not hopeful.

Two other situations may impact that Senatorial race, Portman will be going for a third term. Ohio rarely rewards a Senator with three terms. (Sen. Sherrod Brown being a notable exception.) Also, Representative Jim Jordan, a Trump advocate, has raised a huge campaign war chest, much more than would be needed for a Congressman who represents a very conservative House District. Wondering minds ask: why? A possible Primary challenge to Portman if Portman would decide to run again?


Lead Service Attendant
Nov 6, 2016
Brownsburg IN
I guess if CNN was worshiping the patriotism of looters and fawning over antifa truck rallies you might have a point.
A conspiracy theory is a conspiracy theory - even if some are more outrageous than others.

In fact - the less outrageous ones are the biggest time wasters and need to be looked at most skeptically by the news outlets and editorial boards.

We’ll waste 2-3 months as a country on this election fraud nonsense - but we just wasted 2-3 years on Russia collusion nonsense.
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Service Attendant
Apr 23, 2015
Sierra Vista, AZ
Biden unseated an incumbent president by the highest percentage since FDR beat Hoover. Having worked in elections for many years, fraud is impossible on a large scale. Elections have to be certified by a bipartisan board of canvassers. Elections are observed by members of both parties. Machines are certified and audited. Paper ballots can be recounted by hand. The allegations in the 2016 election about Russia, which were proven, is not that they interfered with the vote, but that the engaged in a massive information operations campaign on social media. In any event, Biden is the president-elect, and will be sworn in as president in January 20th. What this means for rail passenger service, Amtrak and transit is that instead of having an administration in office that is hostile to Amtrak and has done everything in their power to destroy it, we’ll have an administration that’s positive about the role rail can play in America. The difference will be night and day.