Backhoe goes over bridge, hit by Amtrak train (Roanoke)

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Jul 9, 2014
Fortunately, the backhoe operator survive. The Roanoke train is just in test status and it is already running into things. It looks like the service is off to an auspicious start! ^_^

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Crews respond after backhoe goes over bridge, hit by Amtrak train in Bedford County

No one trapped on the train
By Jeff Williamson - Digital Content Manager

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. - One person was trapped after a backhoe went over a bridge and was hit by an Amtrak train on Bellevue Road, according to Bedford County Fire & Rescue Special Operations Command.

The bridge on Bellevue Road will be closed until Monday after a backhoe and the man operating it, fell off the side of the bridge.

State police say the driver lost control.
"The rear started chattering and skipping. So he couldn't get good breaking out of it," said Sgt. Richard Garletts, Virginia State Police.The machine landed on the side of the train tracks. Minutes later, police say the amtrak engine with two cars came by and side swiped the backhoe.

"They didn't have enough time to call to get the train to stop," said Garletts.

What are the odds of the test train showing minutes after this occurred?.

PS: I didn't know whether to start a new thread or put this in the Roanoke thread. .
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Happen in England once. Car came off the bridge and was hit by a high speed train. It takes talent to do this. The fact it was a test train is just extra bonus.
Wasn't that the one on the ECML? The train derailed and collided into a freight train going in the opposite direction AFAIR.
What are the odds of the test train showing minutes after this occurred?.
Dang small odds I would venture. But there are enough of these incidents that it can make one wonder if Amtrak trains have a field of some sort that attracts heavy construction equipment or commercial vehicles to get stuck on or fall on the tracks.

Looking at the news report, the guardrails on the bridge were seriously mangled. Perhaps this will motivate VDOT to put up more substantial protection on the bridge to protect the tracks below since passenger trains (with passengers) will soon be running on the tracks.
Well there was that year that the Crescent hit some armored personnel carriers, the Coast Starlight hit a herd of cow, the California Zephyr hit that sprinkler...that's all I can think of right off, but I know there were plenty of strange things that year. A boat ended up on Metro North due to a hurricane, but no train hit it of course.