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Mar 22, 2020
Amtrak California Zephyr train #5 departing from Chicago February 7, 2020.

Beautiful journey through the snow covered Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Canyons and Sierra Nevada during winter.
Note at 12 m 40 s: Due to a problem with one of the engines in Winnemucca we got an additional Union Pacific Engine connected to the train in Sparks.

Thank you for posting your enjoyable video! I rode the California Zephyr on this same route several years ago during February. It was one of the most beautiful and scenic train trips I have taken. Your video brought back very fond memories.
Well edited, too. Having made a few trips on the CZ in winter I recognized that you spotted far more of the four-legged wild creatures than are seen in the summer. In the summer there are more of the two-legged kind roaming the canyons.

Very enjoyable. And a great start for what I hope will be more excellent contributions.