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  1. S

    Last call for the BNSF Glorieta & NMRX Semaphores

    I have been informed by many sources that the ATSF Semaphores on the BNSF Glorieta Sub will be coming down by November 15. This is also in conjunction with NMRX removing 5 Semaphores from the NMRX ABQ Sub. These locations on the Glorieta Sub include South Las Vegas MP 774 (2 Semaphores, New...
  2. plane2train

    Deutsche Bahn has joined the Star Alliance. Should Amtrak follow?

    It was recently reported that Deutsche Bahn, stemming from its partnership with Lufthansa, will be joining the Star "Multi-Modal" Alliance (same alliance as UA/LH/TK/SG and others). If Amtrak were to join, I think many air travelers would be incentivized to take the train and that an alliance...
  3. M

    1979 Era Amtrak Photos

    I found some old negatives my grandpa took in 1979 of an old F40. It was taken in the MSP or Michigan area. This was well before my time! It's always fun to find some little pieces of history like that. :)
  4. W

    Trains in rural areas

    I apologize if this comes across as insensitive, but as someone from a major metropolitan area, I struggle to understand the value that trains provide to people living in rural areas. Even living in the suburbs of a major city, it is difficult to get anywhere without a car, and since public...
  5. W

    Cheapest Amtrak Tickets

    People often complain about how expensive Amtrak is compared to driving or flying, but I just bought a one-way ticket on the City of New Orleans from Champaign, Illinois to Chicago for $14. By comparison, the same ticket on the Peoria Charter Bus costs $37, driving costs $20-30 just for gas, and...
  6. W

    Illini/Saluki Top Speed

    I am a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During breaks, I ride the Amtrak Illini and Saluki trains to and from my home in the suburbs of Chicago. On my way back to school in January we were flying through the South Side of Chicago and that got me wondering what is the...
  7. Amtrak Train Productions

    Former Amtrak Route, Grenada Subdivision is getting fixed up!

    As we speak they are upgrading the entire line to 40 mph!
  8. coleallen

    Amtrak nurse (proposal for the future)

    Tell me if you think this would be a good idea. Someone who has worked for a long time (on the Empire Builder) recently told me that before COVID, long distance trains like the Coast Starlight or the Southwest Chief would have up to 500 people on the train every day (sometimes more) including...
  9. JermyZP

    Where is this car located on the California Zephyr?

    I have made reservations for the California Zephyr on January and was put in car 530. I thought during the winter season it would only be 531 and 532? I want to know if this would be the transition car or the car next to the dining car?
  10. Timetable World

    Big release of US and Canadian timetables

    You can now find a huge trove of US and Canadian timetables and maps on Timetable World. It has taken a while to establish links with US collectors, and to process the material that was offered. But it has been worth the wait. Here are some of the highlights: Amtrak: Now in its 50th year...
  11. N

    San Bernardino Line electrification

    Somewhat related to the LOSSAN Corridor rebuild idea that I posted, the San Bernardino line is the only other line that is most likely to be electrified (and pretty much the first to be electrified if Metrolink plans on electrification). In tandem with the Foothill Extension, Metrolink can start...
  12. LARailfan

    Music used in On Board Amtrak (Accommodations And Services) 1994

    Hi, a while ago I stumbled across this video on YouTube from that was produced by Amtrak Marketing and Sales Training in 1994 as a VHS tape which was used to advertise the different classes of service as well as onboard accommodations and amenities that one would find aboard Amtrak trains. The...
  13. hallasm

    California Zephyr - Chicago to San Francisco in the Winter

    Amtrak California Zephyr train #5 departing from Chicago February 7, 2020. Beautiful journey through the snow covered Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Canyons and Sierra Nevada during winter. Note at 12 m 40 s: Due to a problem with one of the engines in Winnemucca we got an additional Union...
  14. G

    LSL this weekend

    I'm on the Lake Shore Limited Albany to Chicago, beginning the trip Saturday. The forecast is for snow on Saturday night, possibly several inches, along with some wind the next morning. It's possible, though not convenient, that I could switch up and leave a day early. So those who have...
  15. Ed Niblock

    All Aboard! Amtrak's Empire Builder | Seattle to Essex MT

  16. Alfo

    Which parts of the Michigan Wolverine service go 110mph?

    I wanted to go on a fun little trip and experience what it’s like to go at speeds over 100mph by train, but was unsure on which stops went that fast. If you have info on this please tell me.
  17. jis

    Huge News from Virginia

    Virginia is acquiring the ex RF&P RoW between Wshington DC and Richmond from CSX. In addition, it is acquiring what appears to be open passenger train rights between Richmond and Petersburg, Doswell to Clifton Forge on BBRR and the S-Line between Petersburg to the border of NC. This should...
  18. jis

    Welcome View of TSA Administrator on Security for Rail Passengers

    The full report at...
  19. Acela150

    Amtrak delivers best operating performance in company history

    Amtrak released Preliminary results for FY 2019 today. While an official breakdown is not yet available the operating loss is an amazing $29.8 Million which is an 82% improvement from FY 2018. Ridership is at a record 32.5 million. $Revenue at 3.3 Billion. Link below...
  20. Danielator36

    Amtrak Hoosier State: Lafayette, IN to Chicago (Video included)

    Basic Info: Amtrak Hoosier State 851 (No longer operating) May 29, 2019 LAF - CHI Departure from LAF at 7:36 AM Video: Background: A group of friends and I all purchased tickets about a month in advance, as we were planning on taking a day trip to Chicago the day after the school year was...