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Dec 13, 2022
Woodbury, MN
Hello, everyone.

As my username suggests I'm Steve. I'm a 39-year-old transportation enthusiast and 14-year Amtrak guest. I'm presently living in Woodbury, MN but have family throughout middle America.

My profile info has an ongoing list of trains I've travelled with. My mext trips will be the much maligned Texas Eagle northbound with my wife in February and a Chicago-east coast trip in June with my 11-year-old daughter. I've lurked this forum for years to better my perspective for my trips and felt as if now was a good point to contribute - mostly due to having freed myself from social media.

I work for a large, much-beloved midwest convenience store chain, my latest in a long series of service industry jobs. I enjoy complex itineraries that deliver me to places where I can experience others' daily life experiences. My personality is forgiving enough to be satisfied with cheap motels but aware enough of my wife's preferences to hunt down a deal on classy lodging when needed. Mostly my travels see me as an average pedestrian seeing the mundane wonderful sights of wherever I step off a train, bus or plane. I'm highly inclined to travel east for Wawa's Hoagiefest and have been known to stash several New Haven style pizzas in my roomettes for return trips.

I learned to read by paging through an atlas at age four and have since been embedded in my wanderlust. As I progress in life I find I'm taking each trip more simply with more persistent memories lasting from each trek.

I love stations with grand opulence. I can appreciate the utility of an amshack or basic bus stop. In 2012 my infant daughter was permitted to be the youngest-ever person attending St. Paul Union Depot's tour during construction/renovation. My maternal grandfather was a conductor and my paternal grandfather a postmaster. My first wife's father serviced the US missile defense silos.

Me, I manage a convenience store and daydream trips to all points beyond. As long as my horizon's moving I'm perfectly contented.

Glad to be here. Cheers!