Night Owl Fares on NEC

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Just a month in to this pilot, it seems these fares have all but disappeared. I suppose volume came back a bit faster than expected. 65/66/67 seem to be the only ones where these fares are available.
The Night Owl fares also of course only live in the lower buckets. Once the Night Owl fares are sold out more typical higher bucket fares emerge. Based on observations on the app it seems that somewhere above 30% and below 40% occupancy is when the Night Owl fares disappear and higher buckets appear on the trains that qualify for these fares.
The sale is because the Night Owls now lay over in NYP for a few hours? Due to MNRR's Penn Station Access work? That train used to run full. I made the mistake of thinking a train leaving NYP at 1:45am would be fairly empty, in 2018. A few dozen boarded with me, but the train was sold out with passengers already onboard from Boston. Later I saw it was often sold out, especially the sleeper that ran again briefly in 2020 or so.