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    ITCS Train control

    This video from BNSF describes how their version of PTC works. http://www.bnsf.com/media/etms_video.html
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    ITCS Train control

    Automatic Block Signals (ABS) are generally an overlay system that provides protection to prevent train collisions. ABS normally does not authorize movements except when there is a current of traffic with trains usually traveling in one direction on a given track. An ABS system will trigger...
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    Emergency Cord

    There are actually generally two air hoses between passenger cars, the standard brake pipe and a main reservoir cable from the locomotives. The End Of Train device provides the engineer with a brake pipe reading on the rear of the train, the ability to trigger an emergency application of the...
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    Baggage cars

    Standard boxcars do not have graduated release brakes, which are typically used on Amtrak trains. Most freight equipment features direct release brakes that do not allow for a partial release of the trains brakes. Although both types of equipment can be operated together without a problem, the...
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    Genesis P42 question

    I can't believe that the Amtrak engineer and conductors would not know how to operate a dual control switch (in the situation that had8ley describes). If they were not sure, they could have looked in the operating rules.
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    Bombardier ALP-46

    A photo of the ALP46 can be found at http://railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=103480.
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    Chicago Union Station

    The North Central Stop I believe is at the end of the Remote Parking Lot F. There is a shuttle bus from their to the terminal. The schedule for the expanded frequencies starting this month is located here. For more information also read here. Only drawback is North Central Service is only...
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    Amtrak train #1 today at Lafayette LA

    If it still dosnt work try this link. http://www.saveourtrainsmississippi.com/Vi..._and_Images.htm Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on video 5.
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    December 26th.

    From JFK, you can take airtrain to either howard beach or jamaica. At howard beach you can board A trains to manhattan. At jamaica you can board J trains or a lirr train to penn station.
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    Amtrak evacuation train pictures

    Photos of the evacuation train can now be viewed on the Save Our Trains Mississippi website.
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    Hurricane Katrina Disruptions

    This storm is going to do ALOT of damage if it hits nol head on like its projected path. The only recorded stronger storm, was the one in 1935. Keep in mind that the 1935 storm decimated the keys and caused the closure of the FEC Key West Extension.
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    Vermonter finally gets cab cars

    Seems like a better use of resources on Amtrak's part. Didn't the vermonter use to use a cab car during the mid 1990's?
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    Club Acela

    Right now the cardinal dose not offer checked baggage. MTA NYC Transit subways run 24 hours aday but some services have modified routes and hours depending on the time of the day. The Staten Island Ferry has limited service around the clock, with more service during peak periods. For more...
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    Five Amtrak trains affected by sinkhole near DeLan

    I would expect to see no amtrak service down the A-line for the next few days. Mostlikely there will be bussing between Jacksonville, Palatka, Deland, Winter Park, Orlando and Kissimme with a station to the south.
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    Five Amtrak trains affected by sinkhole near DeLan

    The rest of the article can be found here.