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    There's Business Class then there's Business Class

    I wish there was business class on the San Joaquin...
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    LA hotel

    We liked staying at the Miyako- right in Japantown and walking distance to the Bradbury Building. A very short cab ride from the station.
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    Lower priority luggage visible in back seat of cars on Auto Train

    On a steamship they would be labeled "not needed on voyage". Is there pilferage on the auto racks? The TSA is well known for cherry picking the checked baggage they "inspect" for sale-able items.
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    How is the Temporary Transbay experience in SFC?

    Looks like Leap is well and truly defunct. Sic transit gloria mundi... http://sfist.com/tags/leap
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    How is the Temporary Transbay experience in SFC?

    Looks like Leap is back- http://rideleap.com/ It's a high concept website, but click the little dots in the lower right corner for information. It would be fun to ride it before the current tech bubble bursts. http://www.theverge.com/2015/3/23/8279715/san-francisco-bus-leap-loup-chariot...
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    How is the Temporary Transbay experience in SFC?

    Asa waiting room, it is a charmless bus station, but the Amtrak connector will get you to Emeryville, if a little early. It is right downtown, so walking distance to a lot. Public transit to the Marina is notoriously awful, so bad that at least two private bus services started last year...
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    #6 Lost 4 hours at Grand Junction

    Is there a liqour store in walking distance of the Grand Junction depot?
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    Amtrak Employees Claimed to Work 40 Hours Per Day

    Nothing out of the ordinary- these are standard San Francisco police department timesheets.
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    Just Booked Next Year's Adventure - What to do in SEA on layover

    Head right downtown and ride the monorail- it will be the most exciting 4 minutes of your life. Then head back to Chinatown and look arounf. I still miss the Hawaiian seaweed from Uwajimaya supermarket. Sadly the city did away with the waterfront streetcar years ago.
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    Maybe Amtrak's "POS Solution" Is NOT set!

    Point of sale? Piece of...? I am confused.
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    Adjustable seats in roomette?

    There is a half-way step between up and fully flat- just push down the bar and pushe the \back of the seat down.
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    Stations that aren't in the downtown

    Pre Amtrak it seems like railroads were doing everything they could to discourage or eliminate rail travel. The Santa Fe moved there Fort Madison Iowa station from downtown to "shopton" a mile down the road in the late 1960s. Granted they stopped there anyway for a crew change but the current...
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    Zephyr detour

    I really like the re-route. Interesting scenery and a heck of a lot faster than the Colorado canyon crawl where you can inspect a rock cut 20 feet outside your window at low speed for hours on end. A lot of history and wildlife out the window, and the Utah end is pretty spectacular for...
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    Amtrak & Prescription Meds

    "Asset forfeiture" has turned most cops into borderline criminals. They want your stuff and will lie cheat and steal to get it.
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    Viewliner II - Part 1 - Initial Production and Delivery

    Whenever I've had a chance to peek into an open baggage car on the Coast Starlight, California Zephyr or the Southwest Chief they are pretty much empty. My guess is that is due to the lack of stations with baggage service, but that is just hearsay and ignorant snooping on my part. I have no...