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  1. J

    Acela Mid-Week Trains Filling Up

    Something of note--and it makes sense why--since late January, Acela First has gone from what feels like half full to now elbow-to-elbow both northbound and southbound*. *I've been taking 2158 northbound from BWI and either 2155 from PHL or 2159 from NYP on Wednesdays or Thursdays weekly. Last...
  2. A

    Avelia Liberty/New Acela II's Speeds and Trip Times

    What speeds and trip times will the Avelia Liberty/Acela II bring? The headline number in the articles about the new trainsets bill a top speed of 160 MPH, up from the current 150 MPH top speed in part of RI & MA but it doesn't tell us what improvement there would be elsewhere and the impact on...
  3. Rodd

    Are the New Trainsets (Acela, NE Regional, Roomettes) still on track for an October 2021 Launch?

    Words cannot express how excited I am to be rid of the current trainsets dating from the late 80's/early 90's, especially the roomettes, which I do utilize. Acela sets are also 20 years old. The new ones look incredible and awesome online and in person IMHO. Rodd
  4. magiscratch

    Northeast Regional vs. Acela Travel Experience

    Hi all, longtime lurker, first-time caller. Is the experience of traveling on the Acela rather than the Northeast Regional more interesting for a minor train nerd? I have a trip booked on the Northeast Regional round-trip from Philadelphia to Boston in October. I'm debating whether it's worth...