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    Seat assignments (Acela pilot Feb 2018)

    I traveled PVD - NYP FC two weeks ago. On my way south,  I was on the super early Saturday Acela. We left PVD before 7 am. When I boarded the car was dark and no one instructed me to sit in my assigned seat and there wee only a handful of ppl in the car. I sat in what I thought was my seat but I...
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    Amtrak Riverside Call Center to Close - Jan 2019

    I think it’s a shame that 550 employees will lose their jobs. 
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    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    I am so sorry to hear this. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Alan and Grace in Club Acela in NYP once when our schedules overlapped. Like others, I was always so taken with his attitude of sharing and kindness. My heart goes out to all of those touched by Alan and especially his...
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    EMUs proposed for Providence Boston 45 min service

    This would be great for PVD! Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    Parking In Kingston, RI

    What day are you departing? I have found that lot to be full but night time shouldbe better bc you won't have trail users there. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
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    Quick Question About Bookings

    Ditto penny.
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    Sleeping in coach vs room for single overnight trip

    I'm with Sarah - sleeper or I fly.
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    superliner roomette question

    I found it very comfortable to sit up on the bottom bunk, even with the bed made up and the top bunk down, but I'm only 5'0".
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    Cap Ltd to Acela transfer - luggage size?

    APD is all over PVD but they don't care about your luggage. Are you on FC on Acela? I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Breakfast. How do you screw up breakfast?

    I order steaks and burgers "rare plus" and I got a steak on the California Zephyr that was blue and spectacular. Excellent crew that time!!
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    And here we go...

    Reducing legroom and pitch on the NEC would be a major deterrent for me. I think the coach cars are tight as is. However adding an armrest would be nice!!! I don't see how a third seat would fit.
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    Traxx Restaurant

    Once my starlight was delayed and all the sleeper pax were given lunch at Traxx.
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    Survey: Tipping on Amtrak

    Really wish Acela 1st class attendants were included as their own group. I'm still unclear why they were left out.
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    Survey: Tipping on Amtrak

    Did I miss the area to put in how much I tip the attendants on the FC car on Acela?
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    Northeast Snowstorm

    I traveled back to PVD on Wednesday the 15. Half the trains were cancelled and my train was delayed but I made it.