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    Amtrak in the Movies

    What about the movie, "Loose Cannons" with Gene Hackman and Dan Akyroyd? If you don't own the film "Narrow Margin", then I suggest you go buy it. It's a classic story on board a train. I cannot rave enough great reviews on the film because this is not a film review website,, you'll...
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    Lake Shore Limited

    Thanks for that information P40. But, have you noticed when you look at the schedule for #449, that it takes about 40 minutes or so to travel from Albany, NY to Schenectady, NY? Why is that? Rough trackage as well? Also, checck out number #3's schedule between Kansas City, MO and Lawrence, KS -...
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    Lake Shore Limited

    What is the Post Road Branch?? ;)
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    Lake Shore Limited

    Hi all. It's been a while since I've been here, but it's great to be back, and see that this website is growing more and more. :) I have a general question regarding the train speed on #449 between Boston,MA and Albany, NY. Just simply what is it? I heard that train speeds between Framingham...
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    Buying A "GPS" Handheld

    thx amfleet, it comes with a built in road map but i don't really know much about how to use it yet or how detailed the map is.
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    Buying A "GPS" Handheld

    anyone know where i can find & how i can download a railroad map of lsl and sw chief routes into my gps system??? ;)
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    My Upcoming Trip To Sin City

    See! That's why I don't trust the bay! lol oh no :o
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    My Upcoming Trip To Sin City

    Hiya guys & gals, Yay! I'm so excited! March, 08, 2003 is the date that me and my mother will be departing for Las Vegas, NV via Needles, CA. We will be leaving Boston's South Station at 9:50AM, and arriving into Las Vegas, NV at 4:45AM, via a connection with the Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach...
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    Hey, Viewliner...

    :o :o :o Am I the only Colts fan in here then? :o :o :o "Oh well, Peyton - maybe next year." :D
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    Amtrak - Train Service From L.A. To Las Vegas, NV

    I suppose I should announce now that were on the subject of Vegas, that I would mention, that I will be going there this upcoming March 2003 (yay!). Commuter carriers is a van service I thought though, is it not? They should definately reinstate the Desert Wind, but I know that they won't...
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    what & where?

    so, wait, I have a question, or another one should I say (haha, surprising, huh?). From what I've read, you can "pretend" that your driving the Empire Builder? That sounds way cool! I'll have to get it as a late christmas gift to myself! :lol: But, my question is really..can I, like, make as...
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    what & where?

    what is all this talk about the microsoft train simulator? what is it? where can i download it, and will it cots me anything to download it? still didn't get a definite answer really to how fast the speed limit is between albany, ny and cleveland, oh. did someone say 110? i donno about that...
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    Rough Trackage

    Hi All, Me being from Massachusetts, and reading a tidbit of information that I read the other day caught me at odds. ;) I know that just outside of Chicago, IL, from I think somewhere between Chicago and Naperville - there is what the train crew would call "rough spots" or "rough tracks"...
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    Boston South Station

    That point by Amfleet is a good one about maybe using Route 128 or Back Bay if you feel uncomfortable at South Station. I'm wondering if the Club Acela Metro Lounge is heated and air conditioned? :unsure:
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    why not 1st class coach

    :D Halelujah jc, great points made.