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    Metro Plaza Hotel

    I have stayed at this hotel maybe 3 times, friendly, clean, good value but HARD beds
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    Chicago to Charlottesvile on the Cardinal 50

    the Fall colors for the Cardinal must be awesome.
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    Transporting furniture inside a sleeper: experiences? rules?

    and I thought I have heard everything
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    A juicy news story (9/18)

    what a waste......
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    New Orleans in August

    thanks for the great pics and report!!
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    Great Dome on Adirondack Line

    It used to run on the Cardinal in the fall too but did not last year ( I think) Any news about Ocean View on the Cardinal this year?
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    Best tips for first trip on Empire

    best tip for traveling the Empire builder regardless of mobility aids: PATIENCE
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    Points for Shopping missing points

    Most receipts now show the time of transactions, AGR looks at the time and can tell if you where logged into the Shopping Mall for AGR at the time of purchase.
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    Normal For Sleepers On Rear And Coach In Front?

    Is there more horn blowing these days? (many more crossings?) Just wondering.
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    How much advance notice given when changing AGR redemption levels?

    What is the history of AGR point increases.? Anyone know how often it has happened in the past? Any particular things that may predict or influence the rate increase? I just about have enough for a 3 zone roomette, hate to see the points increase before I can use them at current levels.
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    10-ride pass?

    Is there a certain time of year when double days are offered or is it random?
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    Points For Shopping - Pending Points

    I have had similar experiences. Pending points took up to 60 days to post. Hang in there.
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    New user checking in

    Welcome Doc! Lots of threads on here regarding cross country adventures. Enjoy!